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Welcome To Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient!

Thank you so much for your interest and for checking out my website!

My name is Austin Franklin and I am the founder/owner of Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient. In 2017 I pursued my dream of turning my passion and hobby of training dogs into my living and full-time “job”. I don’t call it my job because when you enjoy what you do, you don’t work a day in your life!

I have proudly and gratefully trained each family and dog myself since I started Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient. I have also always been a veteran family-owned and operated business. When I started Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient I had one year of active duty left in the Marine Corps. Each evening after work I had private lessons with families, and on the weekends from sun up to sun down I trained with more families. I even took leave and traveled across the country to help families who hired me in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, the Washington, D.C. area, and all over North Carolina.

At the end of 2017, my wife Ashley and I bought our home in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We finished our new climate controlled facility on our property and I began to board and train dogs out of our home and facility. I started boarding and training dogs in 2018 and from then until 2022, 365 days per year, I typically had at least five dogs at my facility I was training for 10 days to four weeks at a time. This is when I was blessed with the opportunity to learn from dogs of all different ages, breeds, temperaments, and sizes. Each dog had different things they struggled with such as barking at other dogs/people, separation anxiety, jumping on people, leash manners, and guests manners, to name a few. Please refer to my Facebook and YouTube for photos and videos from past board and train graduates that I have had the pleasure of training and referred to here. From 2022-2023 I again offered my private lessons and at this time took a break from boarding dogs to catch up on lots of things that needed tending to, but had been on hold due to my busy boarding schedule. I am so thrilled and grateful to say that I have found a balance in my schedule and life now where I can offer my board and train as well as my private lessons! For the boarding and training I will only be housing and working with only two dogs at a time. Both of those dogs will graduate my program and I will see that they’re home and their family is confident before bringing in my next two furry students. For my private lessons I am now offering these at my facility for the first three lessons and then the fourth and fifth lesson I will come to your home and to stores/parks together. There is still and always will be a lifetime warranty on all training I provide! Thank you so much for considering me to help with your dog and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Austin Franklin