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Welcome To Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient!

Thank you so much for your interest and checking out my website! My name is Austin Franklin. I am the founder/owner of Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient. In 2017 I chased my dream of turning my passion and hobby of training dogs into my living and full time “job”. (I don’t call it my job because when you enjoy what you do you don’t work a day in your life!) I have proudly and gratefully trained each and every family and dog myself since I started Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient. I have never had any employees and have always been a veteran family owned and operated business. I had one year of active duty time left on my contract in the Marine Corps at the time I started Absolutely Pawsitively Obedient in 2017. I did private lessons with families on weekday evenings when I got off work as a Marine and then on the weekends from sun up to sun down I trained with families as well. I also took leave as a Marine and traveled across the country to help families who reached out in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, up into Washington, D.C. area, and all over North Carolina. At the end of 2017 my wife Ashley and I bought our current home in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We refinished our now facility on our property and I began to board and train dogs out of my home/facility. I started boarding and training dogs in 2018 and from 2018 until 2022, 365 days per year l, I typically had at least five dogs here I was training for two to four weeks at a time. This is where I really was blessed with the opportunity to learn from dogs of all different ages, breeds, temperaments, and sizes. Each dog had their own things they struggled with such as barking at other dogs, separation anxiety, jumping on people, leash manners, guests manners, to name a few. Please refer to my Facebook for videos and photos from my board and trains I have referred to here. In 2022 I began offering my In Home Private Lessons on the side to see how families and their dogs would respond to learning in their home. I did this for a couple of reasons but mainly because I often saw dogs when I was boarding be really anxious and challenged by coming into my facility (a new space) with a new person (me). It was like the dogs for some of them were here physically but mentally were still at home with their family missing them and confused. Like I said refer to my Facebook you’ll see the anxious dogs who pant, whine, salivate, pace, and are restless when away from home because for a lot of them they never have been away from their family and or stayed in a crate. My In Home Private Lessons were a HIT and before I knew it I had my schedule booked out for weeks with families wanting training in the comfort of their home. I stopped booking board and trains in 2022 and have been doing my Private Lessons full time since. It’s much less invasive on the dogs mentally as they don’t have to deal with that stress of a new place and new face when boarding. I had lots of success with the boarding and training and would follow up train with the families in their home after their dog’s stay with me was complete. Whenever families would come pickup their dog from training, the dog did not know the family had new expectations for them or that they wanted them to listen. The dog did not know the family paid for this training, you know what I mean? So I would tell the families you have to earn that respect and show your dog you expect them to listen by practicing. Now with the private lessons you are showing your dog from day one of the training process beginning at lesson one that you have new expectations for them and you’re also earning their respect doing your daily reps practicing. It is a lot of fun! More details about my In Home Private Lessons on my Services page here on my website. Thank you for stopping by and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Austin Franklin