I stand behind my work and am happy to provide a lifetime warranty on the training I provide.

I work with any breed of dog 10 weeks and up.

As a veteran-owned business, I am proud to offer a 5% discount to any active-duty or retired military personnel, as well as any first responders.


Tools not included

My private lessons are for the family that wants 100% control and confidence in any situation and environment with their dog. You and your dog will learn the relaxed leash heel(no more pulling!), sit (stay), down (stay), place (relax on command), come when called, door manners, guests manners, and much more! I am also very confident helping with any separation anxiety your dog may be struggling with. (Panting, pacing, whining, salivating, destructive behavior, escaping the crate) If your dog barks at other dogs or people when out on the walk, (reactivity) this is also right up my alley, I would love to help! I also teach you how to correct naughty behaviors like jumping, counter surfing, and unwanted barking to name a few common ones. I explain and demonstrate each step of my training process to your family in the comfort of your home over the course of what typically takes but is not limited to 6 private lessons. Each lesson typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half. We are in no rush at any part of my training process. I always measure twice and only cut once. Think of your living room as our classroom to start. Once everything is mastered in the classroom we can next take your dog on field trips to new environments like your neighborhood and the park. It’s a crawl, walk, then run approach. My approach is very patient, very successful, and noninvasive on your dog. Your dog and your family will enjoy training and the enrichment it brings to your relationship with your dog. Together we will progress at your dog’s pace, and establish clear expectations for them every step of the way. Your dog will learn to confidently and calmly carry out your daily routine and follow commands in your home and around your neighborhood. Next, we will take your dog to parks and public spaces to proof everything they have learned with the highest levels of distraction. We will never rush any part of your dog’s training. If you are not completely pleased and confident after our projected 6 lessons we just keep training together at no extra charge. My training comes with my lifetime warranty where if your dog ever needs a tune up session, or if you have any questions, it is no extra charge at that time I will take care of it.


Elevated Cot not Included

My Puppy Program is for puppies ranging from 10 weeks old to 6 months old.
Learn how to train your puppy in the comfort of your own home over the course of three private lessons. My puppy program includes teaching you and your puppy sit, down, place, come when called, and laying the foundation of an Absolutely Pawsitively rewarding relationship between your family and dog that will last a lifetime. Clients who invest in my Puppy Program ($475) can apply that total towards my more advanced training with the electronic collar around distractions once their pup is 6 months old. At the ages between 10 weeks old and 6 months old we will not expect your puppy to be able to listen around distractions or for duration yet. That is what my more advanced training is for once your puppy is mature enough at 6 months old and at that time we do a projected but not limited to three more private lessons where I teach you how to be successful with your dog around distractions and in new environments.

Any Questions?

Please contact me with any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you!